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Integrating document management in the company means opening up access to it at different levels with a shared and interoperable platform.
The SAP and OpenText content management solution (recognized by Gartner as a leader in the ECM sector) makes collaborative document management effective and simple.

OpenText ™ Suite per SAP

The OpenText ™ Suite for SAP enables organizations to combine their structured and unstructured data to provide a meaningful user experience, supporting key business processes such as supplier or workforce or providing a platform to combine the two worlds of content within an organization. All elements of business information - structured SAP content and unstructured data - are available in the context of business processes, at any time, on any device. OpenText Suite for SAP aligns with the SAP Enterprise Business (Digital Core) platform

OpenText Business Center*

OpenText ™ Business Center for SAP ® solutions accelerates your SAP business processes through the end-to-end automation of data acquisition and processing and business documents. With OpenText Business Center for SAP solutions, bridge the gap between the outside world and internal processes by digitizing your communication channels. Each product is ready to be connected to the corporate architecture and business processes to support SAP distribution or business needs. OpenText solutions support the latest SAP Fiori / SAP Hybris and OpenText Smart UI interfaces, ensuring ease of use and adoption for all users.

Better involvement*

OpenText Business Center for SAP solutions allows you to speed up your processes with customers, suppliers and partners, improving your communication and your commitment at all levels. It also gives you the possibility of immediate communication back to customers and business partners, further improving engagement levels.

Better productivity*

End-to-end process automation reduces process cycle time and errors, while preconfigured scenarios (for example, sales orders) help reduce evaluation time and further digitize business by offering a comprehensive view of the entire process, including the status of all SAP business objects involved in the process.

Better innovation*

Being flexible and agile is essential in a digital world to remain competitive and successful. With OpenText Business Center for SAP solutions, you can create and modify your solutions faster. You are flexible to adapt to new market needs and have a better view of what needs to be adapted.

Better control*

Incoming documents and information can be accessed from the moment the information enters the company and is acquired (by card, e-mail, fax or EDI). This gives you control over the whole process. You are able to respond immediately to all requests from customers and partners. Your ability to respond immediately makes your company a more reliable and valued partner for customers and suppliers.


Best insights*

By connecting to your preferred analysis solution (SAP Lumira, SAP / 4HANA, OpenText ™ Analytics), you can analyze your business processes, identify bottlenecks and find new ways to improve your business. Make better decisions based on detailed information.


OpenText Extended ECM for SAP solutions

Most business processes in research and development, procurement, production, sales, marketing or services must deal with large volumes of business content, including correspondence, documentation of any kind, contracts, production or service documents and so on. This content must be acquired, managed, stored, stored and delivered to the right user, in the right place and at the right time.

Create a better way to work and connect the world of business content and applications by taking advantage of a complete enterprise-level ECM solution that integrates uniquely with SAP Business Suite on HANA (SAP ERP, CRM, SCM, SRM, PLM) and S/4HANA in a productive manner.

OpenText ™ Extended ECM for SAP solutions adds data and document archives, imaging, document management, collaboration, certified document management and virtual views covering related information applications to your SAP systems.

Better involvement1

Accelerate cycle time by automating manual tasks, simplifying access and improving content-centered collaboration

Better innovation3

Transform business models and digitize value chains based on an integrated EIM suite

Better productivity2

To provide the digital workplace with a 360-degree view and access to structured and unstructured corporate content in the context

Better control4

Mitigate legal and regulatory risks by controlling the entire content life cycle and maintaining content integrity

Integrations with business applications

ecm value opentext salesforce 1

Presents content in the context of the business process or user interface of the main application. These may include ERP integrations such as SAP ® S/4HANA and Oracle ® E-Business Suite, HR applications such as SAP ® SuccessFactors ® and CRM integrations such as Salesforce ®. OpenText Extended ECM also supports productivity tools like Microsoft Office 365 and Sharepoint. Providing a wide range of content services and other major API applications can benefit from extended ECM.

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Integrated solutions on the SAP platform

OpenText SAP SuccessFactors Document Management

Organize employee information effectively and enable intelligent document management with an integrated, secure and compliant business solution. The OpenText SAP SuccessFactors Document Management application helps you centrally maintain employee digital records, allowing you to increase efficiency, minimize risk and reduce costs.

Increase efficiency and productivity*

Access, update and manage documents quickly and easily using a single solution, increasing service levels and speeding up response times for shared services.

Improve governance and compliance*

Enable effective compliance with human resource regulations and legal requirements with centrally managed, role-based access that minimizes security risks.

Simplify the human resource processes*

Digitize, automate and integrate human resource processes to simplify workflows, empower employees and help your business become a smart business.


Document management1
  • Centralizes file storage and employee metadata and offers advanced search and retrieval capabilities
  • Automates processes and workflows of human resources
  • Set role-based permissions for security and access controlsi
Conservation management3
  • Automatic identification in case of missing or obsolete documents
  • Distribute a pre-configured folder structure and taxonomy
  • Define and set document storage rules for predefined periods
Document generation2
  • Access pre-defined templates and composition features to create compliant documents quickly and easily
  • Automate review and approval workflows
  • Use advanced self-service features


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