Digital Customer Experience

DCE Customer Engagement

Recover the experiential gap by offering a customer experience capable of winning customer trust and creating a connected customer journey, based on empathy and trust and helping your company to innovate, integrate and be agile.


Follow and analyze the intentions and interactions of your customers and act accordingly on all channels, to affirm and recover the experiential gap relying on SAP C/4HANA to meet their needs

Customer Data Cloud

  • Turn all anonymous visitors into loyal customers.
  • Grow your audience
  • Establish direct and trusted relationships with customers
  • Build the transparency report
  • Strengthens control of personal data

SAP Service Cloud

  • Assistance at the center of customer experience.
  • Create a unified service experience
  • Offer a new generation self-service
  • Develop a team of specialized experts
  • Collect and study customer feedback

SAP Marketing Cloud

  • Marketing as a reliable source for creating new business.
  • Customize customer experiences
  • Optimize marketing to drive revenue
  • Build customer confidence
  • Promote growth for marketing experts

SAP Commerce Cloud

  • Offer a higher quality commerce experience.
  • Take advantage of a single commerce solution
  • Take advantage of industry-specific features
  • Exceeds expectations thanks to integrated flexibility
  • Supports all go-to-market models
  • Accelerate ROI with pre-configured integrations

SAP Sales Cloud

  • Increase turnover with more effective sales experiences.
  • Save valuable time and avoid any uncertainty to accelerate sales
  • Model and manage sales and incentive areas
  • Guide sales people on a fast track from offer to contract
  • Embrace the future of sales activities

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Understanding to simplify processes

Centralizing the information of a customer, a prospect, or a simple lead (from phone calls to invoices, up to his interactions with your brand on social networks) allows you to understand the needs of customers and predict problems, solving them before it's too late.

This allows you to make effective decisions as they are needed.

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The customized DCE

The Digital Customer Experience macro processes are often similar, but it is the specificity of each company that makes each project unique. DCE solutions provide the infrastructure to manage the processes that can be adapted to the most particular needs.

Altevie offers its certified experience to help companies choose the best solution.

Attention to INDICATORS

The world of sales needs immediate analysis on updated data. Real-Time Business and Real-Time Analitycs are the way to manage data in real time and are the premise for performing analyzes not only on the past but also on the future through predictive analysis.

DEC solutions must necessarily be effective and be able to guarantee control and analysis at all company levels.

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The ease of retrieving information on social networks and blogs affects customers' purchases and decisions.

To manage the negotiations, today, a strong collaboration between the various actors is necessary, to be updated on the evolutions and on the history of the customers, to spend less time in backoffice and more time "in the street", supported by the "right" information.



Soluzioni DCE 100% in cloud, in Datacenter propri o su ecosistemi ibridi.

Possiamo implementare soluzioni CRM Full On Cloud o Full On Premise, oppure realizzare strutture ibride, adattando il nostro approccio metodologico alle scelte del cliente, partendo da un qualunque punto dell’offerta e integrando le tecnologie e le architetture disponibili.

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