The ETHICA Consulting Group leader in the new SAP business suite

As reported by leading ICT analysts, cloud technologies and applications have long been among the priorities of companies' IT investments and their adoption is spreading fast.

The transition from On-Premise to the Cloud has already involved in the past few years business services such as email and dematerialization, functional applications such as the management of Customers and Human Resources, back office applications such as storage. Now it is time for ERP.

With the increasingly high performance required of the systems, the limited legacy software and at the end of its life cycle and the maintenance contracts that are due to expire, the IT managers are faced with two options: updating traditional applications, reinvesting resources in servers and applications destined to quickly become obsolete, or choose to access new generation ERP tools in the Cloud, technologically more advanced and with a series of added values ​​compared to classic solutions, such as increased employee productivity, improved governance and compliance, TCO reduction and greater scalability.

The SAP S / 4HANA Cloud solution (hereinafter also S4C) is a fully-fledged ERP leader in Gartner's magic quadrant of SAAS (Software As A Service) solutions, both in terms of functionality and coverage of business processes, and as a strategic vision.
SAP S / 4HANA Cloud is the new totally “public” version of the SAP business suite in Cloud configuration, an “Intelligent ERP” that implements all the main business processes, including Idea to Design, Procure to Pay, Plan to Production, Order to Cash, Offer to Project and Core Finance, enriched by the most advanced Machine Learning and User Interface technologies.

Compared to the classic software architecture, SAP S / 4HANA Cloud offers:

  • Simplification and standardization of processes with flexible adoption of universal "best practices"
  • Scalable and flexible licensing model, able to adapt to the evolution of the company
  • Reduction in infrastructure costs and pay per use, with a consequent reduction in TCO
  • Software update process and release of new features guaranteed by Software Vendor via "Continous Update"
  • Usability of advanced Planning, Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics technologies and applications available in Cloud and less and less sustainable On-Premise

The technological infrastructure of SAP S / 4HANA Cloud - completely managed and monitored by SAP technicians in its data centers - relies on the SAP HANA In-Memory database, whose columnar structure eliminates the redundancy of transactional data typically required by Business Analytics applications , allowing the execution of historical and predictive real-time analyzes that help the user in both strategic and operational decisions.

Since the announcement of the SAP Cloud strategy and the release of the first product releases, the Ethica Group has believed in SAP S / 4HANA Cloud and was the first partner in Italy to participate through ICM.S S.r.l. to the pilot "SAP Lighthouse program", a program that included a strong internal investment in training and the adoption of S4C as internal ERP for the management of Professional Services. It was a real challenge: to realize the first production implementation of SAP S / 4HANA Cloud in Italy.

At the end of 2017, after following the SAP Learning Journeys, the consultants of the ICM.S.l.l. team dedicated to the new suite and the pilot project, they acquired the certifications on the SAP Activate product and methodology and in April 2018, after just 12 weeks from the kick-off, the Group companies successfully completed the production transfer to SAP S / 4HANA Cloud.

Since then, in addition to standard applications, users use specific Apps for planning activities and for Travel Management carried out on the SAP Cloud Platform in the Group's internal laboratories and integrated with S4C.

The experience acquired on S4C and on the SCP platform places Ethica Consulting at the forefront in the implementation of SAP S / 4HANA Cloud, in its integration with legacy systems through OData, SOAP and RFC communication protocols, as well as in the adoption of the latest technologies of IU.

Thanks to this experience and the transformation of skills and internal services to the SAAS, the ETHICA Group is now a leader in the implementation of the new SAP suite and is involved in the most important projects of S4C in Italy.

We are available to share with you more details and to organize specific in-depth studies.


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