TMA Time Management Accelerator

Simplify and speed up the management of expenses by relating them directly with company activities.

Time Management Accelerator

Do you always have lots of things to do and you don't have the right tools to solve your tasks in a simple way? Easily manage your expenses, linking them correctly to your customer activities.


With the Time Management Accelerator of Altevie speed up the management of expenses by relating them directly with the business activities and:
  • We simplify its activities
  • Now it has a simple and appealing iOS app for working on the go
  • Enter the expenses by taking photos of the receipts, talking to SIRI or with a company chatbot
  • Now you can enter your expenses directly in your Timesheet
  • He has more time for his work and does it more serenely
  • Enter the customer's ticket directly with one click always from the same app

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without TMA

  • the obvious difficulties
  • You have to manage all the expenses for the appropriate approvals and to put the paper back
  • It is really complicated to have order on all the expenses for the various projects
  • You don't have the right tools to solve tasks easily
  • You can't get a clear picture of the projects effectively
  • You need to monitor budgets and projects to be able to act quickly but don't know how
  • Do not achieve your goals because you often lose control of tasks

with TMA

  • always a simple and punctual solution
  • Check the expenses on the documentary in an organized manner
  • The customer's tickets and expenses are already linked to the reference Timesheet
  • Work is simpler and more effective and you have greatly reduced your mistakes
  • You have an online and mobile dashboard with all the indicators you need
  • Monitors punctually and simply from the Ipad the current status of the projects
  • You have a single dashboard that gives you evidence of critical issues on which you can intervene promptly

/ Awards

Altevie Technologies is SAP Cloud Platform Champion 2016, thanks to the success stories obtained on this platform.

Altevie Technologies è SAP Cloud Platform Champion 2016

The team of experts and consultants of Altevie Technologies are divided by product skills, applications and specialized industrial sector, with Project Management skills on national and international projects.


Innovation is the true natural propensity of Altevie Technologies.

Altevie is the search and development engine for the proposal on the new themes of the entire Ethica Consulting group. Currently the main areas of activity are SAP Cloud Platform, SAP BW / 4HAHA, SAP Leonardo, SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Commerce Cloud (former SAP Hybris).

A group of specialists collaborates with individual Practices to study new solutions, implement prototypes based on innovative ideas and develop new markets.

The Innovation area evaluates the innovations, both in SAP and non-SAP environments, developing technological partnerships and managing pilot projects on new solutions. Subsequently, it transfers the skills acquired to the individual Line of Business, making them independent in the development of the market.

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