Supplier Relationship
SRM Management

The market-leading solution to digitize and integrate, in whole or in part, the purchasing process, from the management of sources of supply to order and payment.
Digitally transform supplier relationship management with the innovative capabilities and security of SAP Ariba cloud solutions and the power of SAP S/4HANA.

Why SAP Ariba

Find out why buyers and suppliers of over 4.2 million large, medium and growing companies, operating in over 190 countries, are discovering new opportunities, collaborating and growing their businesses.


Ariba Network is the largest B2B network in the world, a dynamic and digital market that facilitates collaboration on trillions of dollars in annual commerce among over 3.6 million connected companies.


With our modular approach to digital process transformation, we work with you to design a solution that fits the way you do business with suppliers and other business partners. Choose where to start and you can resize as you grow.


You can count on the experience and safety of a certified system developed over more than 22 years as a leader in expense management, supported by SAP's stability, innovation and technical resources.


From source to settlement, you can efficiently and effectively control costs, maximize savings and minimize risks in all expense categories by automating end-to-end processes on a single integrated platform.


Working with SAP Ariba and our partner ecosystem can make procurement teams responsible for your company's brand reputation through responsible and sustainable procurement.


Altevie Technologies experts are always available to provide best practices, resources and tools for process transformation, rapid solution implementation, efficient vendor enablement and effective change management.

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SAP Ariba:
Intelligent Procurement for every type of company.

SAP Ariba's cloud-based solutions simplify collaboration and competition. 

SAP Ariba is the way companies connect to do business, using our market-leading digital commerce solutions and Ariba Network. Buyers and suppliers of over 4.2 million large, medium and growing companies, operating in over 190 countries, are discovering new opportunities, collaborating and growing their businesses.

Now you can manage all or part of the buying process more effectively and efficiently, while controlling spending, finding new sources of savings and building a healthy supply chain.

Intelligent Spend Management

Get a unified view of spending data for smarter business decisions.

Explore all SAP Ariba solutions and become part of this dynamic digital market, where over $ 7.9 billion is traded in goods and services every day.

Supplier management1

SAP Ariba offers the only portfolio of end-to-end solutions that allows you to manage information on suppliers, life cycle, performance and risks in one location.

Solutions for direct shopping3

Connect the people, partners, processes and information needed to manage all the design activities to provide in a simple, intelligent and open way.

Financial supply chain5

rn your debts from liabilities into strategic assets to increase free cash flow, free up working capital and offer a higher value.

Integration solutions7

Unify apps, data, processes and devices on a single platform to deliver more value to your business.

Strategic resources2

Discover qualified suppliers, speed up your procurement cycles and create the most competitive agreements with the best value for money for sustainable savings with all your supply needs.


With the control provided by the guided purchasing and spot purchase features of SAP Ariba, you can reduce supply costs by up to 10% and reduce processing costs from 25% to 60%.

Platform Solutions6

Maximize the value of your SAP Ariba solutions with wizards, extensions and integration models, without burdening your IT resources.

Sale and realization8

Strengthen and refine your e-commerce skills to become the preferred and easy-to-find supplier of buyers ready to buy anywhere in the world.


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Annual Trade


Sales leads

Smart spending management

Get a unified view of spending data for smarter business decisions

Spending management has never been more critical and management excellence now requires more than increasing compliance and reducing costs. Procurement, finance and supply chain leaders are asked to contribute to financing both innovation and core business growth. It orchestrates multi-level supply chains while managing supplier risks. Engage an evolving workforce and support new business models while protecting employees and the brand.

This is a lot, indeed, it is the only way to be successful: check each expense category while coordinating spending and policy among the different categories. Traditional solutions cannot do this. They only support organizational silos.
With Intelligent Spend Management, you can do both.

And get like this:

Policy and supplier management*

Support all expense categories, be there whenever money is spent, regardless of the source of that expense, and acquire that data.

Total control for each expense category*

Optimize indirect materials, direct materials, services, external labor, travel and expenses.

Unified spending view*

Combine spending data from all sources and categories and understand total costs for making smarter and faster spending decisions

The team of experts and consultants of Altevie Technologies are divided by product skills, applications and specialized industrial sector, with Project Management skills on national and international projects.


Innovation is the true natural propensity of Altevie Technologies.

Altevie is the search and development engine for the proposal on the new themes of the entire Ethica Consulting group. Currently the main areas of activity are SAP Cloud Platform, SAP BW/4HAHA, SAP Leonardo, SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Commerce Cloud (former SAP Hybris).

A group of specialists collaborates with individual Practices to study new solutions, implement prototypes based on innovative ideas and develop new markets.

The Innovation area evaluates the innovations, both in SAP and non-SAP environments, developing technological partnerships and managing pilot projects on new solutions. Subsequently, it transfers the skills acquired to the individual Line of Business, making them independent in the development of the market.


Integrated solutions on the SAP platform

Develop your digital strategy
Automate and simplify your processes

When you digitize business processes for procurement and supply chain management - which often begins with the digitization of data and documents - you can automate and simplify these processes to produce more value, including:

  • Faster and more effective responses to market changes
  • More savings assigned to strategic activities
  • Greater contractual and regulatory compliance
  • More hours and brain capacity have focused on collaboration and innovation
  • Lower purchase and processing costs
Accounting process automation*

Integrate your procurement and AP processes with a paid software solution to reduce costs and risks while increasing control and compliance.


Procure-to-pay is the process of integrating supplier purchasing and accounting systems to create greater efficiencies.

Strategic resources*

Strategic procurement is a procurement process that links data collection, expense analysis, market research, negotiation and bargaining.

Contract lifecycle management*

Contract Life Cycle Management (CLM) is the way to automate and simplify contract processes during key phases from start-up to approval, compliance and renewal.


Source-to-pay (S2P) is a process that begins with the search, negotiation and conclusion of contracts with the supplier of goods and culminates in the final payment of these goods.

Suppliers Relationship Management*

Integrate supplier management with purchases to drive spending to preferred suppliers and reduce risk at every stage of the process.


Electronic invoicing, or electronic invoicing, simplifies invoice management and simplifies the joint operation of invoicing and compliance documents.

Expense management*

Give an overview of spending to bring more addressable spending on management and promote more organizational value.

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