Advanced Analytics
Big Data Science

Data is the primary asset of a company.
But without an effective management strategy, every organizational effort produces ambiguous results.

Business Intelligence (BI)

Get the answers you need by exploring the information throughout the organization, with intuitive self-service features and providing insights to stakeholders at the time of the decision, with dynamic interactive stories.

Perform advanced analysis throughout your company*

Create and modify versions of your budget planning, data forecasting and analysis models, all from a single cloud-based interface.

Understand your business today and tomorrow*

Create intelligent plans for the entire organization with predictive forecasting tools and machine learning and include visual performance metrics in reports.

Support collaborative business planning*

Facilitate continued collaboration so that plans can be discussed and aligned in context. And set unique permissions to control access to sensitive data.

Integrate financial planning and analysis*

A unique platform for SAP S / 4HANA that combines transactions, analysis and planning, so you can act in the moment and spend more time on strategy.

Advanced Analytics

we combine classic data and big data using predictive techniques and statistics to help make future decisions

/ Strategy

to analysis, step by step


An open and interconnected system must be able to accept data coming from heterogeneous systems.

Business Intelligence with SAP BusinessObjects and SAP HANA takes on new forms and revolutionary contents: cross-client interoperability, Analytics services, Mobile BI, Data Quality, Predictive Analysis forecasting, Event Insight, Text Analysis Integration, Design Studio dashboards, & more


Altevie helps you to govern events, to filter data to take advantage of all its potential. We use predictive technologies based on system data to enhance the decision-making power available to the business, and prevent unlikely events or unexpected results from undermining a system based on planning and expectations.

Know the customer30%
  • Technological and applicative evaluation, with scenario analysis
  • Evaluation on the client's BI data management model
  • Meetings with the client and Design Thinking sessions with the aim of defining the scope of intervention on Advanced Analytics and Big Data.
"Agile" projects with measurable returns75%
  • Workshops and Proof-Of-Concept on advanced analysis scenarios
  • Project management of Big Data and Advanced Analytics
  • Periodic comparisons with the customer to measure the performance of Advanced Analytics activities
  • Continuous commitment of the customer's key resources to carry out dissemination actions to the company population
Definition of the Development Strategy49%
  • Definition of evolutionary and / or alternative scenarios for Big Data and Advanced Analytics platforms
  • Definition of customer information and data management
  • Definition of a Master Plan for Big Data and Advanced Analytics
Training of key customer users100%
  • User training on data management techniques (Data Science)
  • Training on the main Big Data tool and on Advanced Analytics techniques
  • Training on Analytics and Visualization tools

# Altevie Technologies thanks to the exclusive use of Certified Resources guarantees you the achievement of the goal: 100%

/ Results

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Application Areas


Certified Resources




Altevie, through the SAP solutions of Business Analytics Cloud , helps to organize and analyze the information that each company produces. The process that leads to the development of an Advanced Analytics solution runs along a path by phases, which from the identification of the results to be obtained leads to the operation of the solution within a context of real business.
These are just some of the application areas in which we use Big Data to carry out Advanced Analytics activities



  • data as an Opportunity:
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • clickstream
  • Cross Selling
  • Cross Marketing
  • Lost Sales Analysis



  • Objective Development:
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Risk and Fraud Detection
  • Internet of Things
  • Industry 4.0



  • Optimization as Mantra:
  • Transportation Analysis
  • Logistic Optimization
  • Route Optimization
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Preventive Maintenance



  • closing the circle:
  • Research & Development
  • Stock Out Analysis
  • Market Trend
  • Smart Insights
  • Sales Analysis



Visibility, reinvented.*

Get unparalleled transparency and the ability to align business planning with execution - through the unique intersection of collaborative planning, machine learning and advanced analytical skills.

Insights beyond human prejudice*

Get more in-depth information with less effort thanks to increased analysis. Answer natural language questions, automatically analyze data, run simulations and predict future events.

Fast and safe decisions*

Act decisively with detailed and contextual information. Machine learning and an industry-leading business database provide the right information, in the right place, at the right time.


SAP Analytics Cloud features are based on SAP Cloud Platform, supported by SAP HANA in-memory technology and can be extended to any device.

Provide custom interactions on a platform*

Meet sophisticated requirements by developing cutting-edge analytics applications that bring together business intelligence, planning and forecasting capabilities in a powerful environment.

Show standardized analysis content in closed circuit scenarios*

Promote a consistent and continuous user experience throughout your company with reusable user interface elements, while adapting widget behaviors based on the expectations of all users. OData calls allow you to connect to transactional systems and applications can use scheduling features with script access.

Rapid prototype with a dedicated environment*

Develop critical innovations by customizing, integrating and extending existing user content, models or stories with connections to an existing set of data models and a rich library of widgets

Extend the functionality with custom widgets*

Create sophisticated and completely customized widgets for the end user; centrally maintained composites; and data science features with access to scripts that allow custom features that are reusable between applications.

AI and predictive analysis

Deepen insights never seen before with automatic learning, simplifies access to critical information with Natural Language Processing and easily models complex scenarios with powerful predictive capabilities.

Create predictive models with Smart Predict*

Allow business users to create predictive models - and integrate them into business intelligence and planning workflows - no data science experience is required.

Perform guided analysis with Smart Discovery*

Discover the key influencers behind key performance key indicators for the company and run powerful simulations. With automatically generated dashboards, you can immediately get the clarity of the decision-making process and take action.

Improve data models with Smart Transformations*

Automate repetitive data preparation workflows and improve data models faster than ever. Using Smart Transformations tips, you can quickly clean and prepare your data.

Create a culture based on intuition*

Get quick access to business information, generate visualizations on the fly and explore data in stories, with our search function in Insight and conversational artificial intelligence.

Explore the nuances of data with Smart Insights*

Find out the factors that contribute to your data points using natural language and visual explanations.

You can quickly develop a clear understanding of even the most complex aspects of your data.

Collect similar data points with Smart Grouping*

Create clusters of data points that are automatically comparable to identify customer groups, perform behavioral segmentation, and classify inventory based on specified parameters.


Integrated solutions on the SAP platform

/ 5 Steps



Define the final objectives

Determine the target improvements you want to achieve and your performance ...

Step 1

Step 2

Define the Data Sources

Identify all the types of data necessary for the analysis with the relevant source data sources

Perform the Analysis

Perform predictive and prescriptive analyzes on the data collected according to an iterative methodology that involves modeling and testing Advanced Analytics techniques until the set objectives are reached.

Step 3

Step 4

Validate the
Analysis Model

The analysis model defined in the previous phase is reported in a productive and validated environment

Integrate the model
into business processes

The analysis model functioning in the production environment is constantly used by company resources and the analysis insights lead to a continuous updating and improvement of processes and systems.

Step 5

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