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Re-imagine the SAP user experience with SAP Fiori

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Customize and simplify the user experience (UX) for your SAP applications.

Using UX's modern design principles, SAP Fiori offers a role-based and consumer-level user experience across all lines of business, activities and devices. Use SAP Fiori apps or take advantage of new solutions that natively incorporate UX, such as SAP S/4HANA, Ariba Mobile and SAP Cloud for Customer.

Find out how SAP Fiori can simplify the lives of business users and IT staff:

Key concepts

Sap Fiori is a new user experience that combines the principles of modern design while giving a large role-based work experience across all business domains, tasks and devices.

Design principles of SAP Fiori UX1
Our design concept is based on five fundamental principles that combine to provide a deeply satisfying user experience:
  • Role-based: providing the right information at the right time through multi-faceted user interfaces
  • Adaptive: get immediate and relevant information, both using mobile apps and a desktop computer
  • Simple: focus on the most important activities, functions and activities
  • Consistent: offering a consistent UX throughout the company, regardless of whether it is necessary to fulfill a customer order, review the latest KPIs or manage vacation requests
  • Delicious: enrich your work experience with SAP Flowers Intuitive and easy to use
Modern user experience2
SAP Fiori 2.0 is a modern UX that includes visual design, information architecture and interaction models:
  • Visual design - SAP Fiori 2.0 offers a refined visual language. Clear and consistent layouts in the user interface transmit the content clearly. Experience a modern and visually pleasing aesthetic with a strong focus on ease of use
  • Information architecture: providing business users with immediate access to the information needed to complete their activities
  • Interaction schemes: use simple and intuitive interactive diagrams to increase productivity throughout the company
SAP Fiori Apps3

SAP Fiori apps offer a consumer-level user experience for the most commonly used scenarios in SAP software. Hundreds of SAP Fiori apps are available in different business lines and sectors covering a wide range, from analytical to transactional activities.

SAP Fiori Cloud4

SAP Fiori Cloud improves the productivity of your employees with a simple and personalized user experience in the cloud with connectivity to local business processes. Reduce the burden of IT with minimal installation and configuration efforts.

Use the most commonly adopted SAP Fiori apps for SAP Business Suite for various lines of business including human resources, sales, supply chain, procurement and procurement. The following resources and services are available:

  • The SAP Cloud Platform account allows customers to run, extend and customize SAP Fiori apps
  • SAP Fiori Launchpad for central, role-based access
  • SAP Web IDE for extensions and custom development
  • SAP Cloud Platform, OData provisioning for back-end data extraction and use in the cloud
  • SAP HANA Cloud connector for secure connectivity to the local landscape
  • User interface theme designer for branding
  • SAP Cloud Identity to manage authentication and access requests

numerous SAP technical projects: Technical Upgrades, DbHana Upgrade, Data Archiving, Integration projects

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SAP Cloud Platform

The business platform to innovate, connect and expand your business.

Enterprise Mobility*

Benefit from an application development environment that includes everything to create mobile apps that accelerate your business processes. You can customize your company apps based on data, take advantage of a greater level of security in all points of contact and provide apps in a magnificent user experience.

Collaboration services*
Facilitates collaboration and teamwork throughout your organization, large or small.
With services that put the right tools in your people's hands to organize and share information in their respective professional fields, you can improve the quality of work by reducing the time needed to complete projects and achieve business objectives.
Our application development platform offers enterprise security services aimed at protecting not just developed apps but your entire business from threats.
Internet of Things (IoT)*
Rapidly develop, deploy and manage IoT, machine to machine (M2M) and remote data synchronization applications in real time, with the Internet of Things service within the SAP Cloud Platform. Ensures onboarding and management of connected remote devices. Then rely on real-time predictive analysis to improve intelligence information and decision-making processes that are at the heart - and on the periphery - of your business.
IT development and operations (DevOps)*
Use our DevOps services to simplify the development and management of the app lifecycle. It improves team productivity thanks to the ability to write code and collaborate anywhere.
User Experience*

Provide a user experience (UX) based on consumer-type roles in all business areas, activities and all devices. Our cloud PaaS features feature an integrated UX component based on the most modern design principles, to help you create and size a simple, personalized and responsive user experience.


It ensures the perfect integration between the On premise world and Cloud systems (both SAP and non-SAP) using Hana Cloud Integrator (HCI).
Create a link with your business data to create apps for specific customers in a hybrid, on-premise or cloud environment. Then use the APIs to establish a relationship with customers, connect with new partners and expand into new markets.


Provide the strategic information your company needs to succeed. Rely on a rich portfolio of analytical solutions created for the cloud, divided into business intelligence (BI), Big Data analysis and integrated SaaS analysis (software-as-a-service).

Data management and storage*

Trust in simple and scalable strategies for archiving, accessing, managing and sharing data. These services ensure the best features of the category in terms of security, availability, management and data analysis for your business apps, to accelerate innovation with agility.

Runtime containers*

The SAP Cloud Platform apps are run on a runtime container for modular and lightweight applications, where they can take advantage of the platform services APIs or Java EE APIs, depending on the standard models. This makes it easier to create and run custom Java EE, SAP HANA XSJS and HTML5 / JavaScript based apps in the cloud.


Integrated solutions on the SAP platform


Altevie is able to support the client with an always clear and structured approach to reach the shared objectives, in less time and in line with the allocated budget. Predictive mobile applications will analyze user usage patterns and reconfigure themselves to make actions easier and results quicker. The "mobile-enabled" business processes will use data from previous transactions to make them available in the present context, activating the necessary information and services, automatically.
Where to start depends on various factors, such as the availability of IT resources, the time needed to create a mobile experience and the ROI for the transformation project. Each phase requires a joint work between CXOs and IT. A mobile strategy must have at least 3 phases:



  • Company roles that will benefit from the furniture
  • A successful strategy must define the business benefits that the company wants to achieve, enabling the mobile processes of employees and which workflows simultaneously give value to the employee and the business.
  • Start small, but with a plan
  • perfect application from scratch takes too long. Better to start with a quickwin and a transition plan that allows you to introduce later features. Mobile content management or mobile enabling for processes like Vacation Request or Inventory Check.
  • Having an enterprise mobile strategy
  • created by IT and CXOs to guarantee data security, privacy. Allow BYOD strategies and facilitate the distribution and management of apps and content. The management tool must manage MDM, security and a basic management of the apps.



  • Context information and processes
  • you have to understand, for example, how locations or sensor data can improve the mobile experience, starting from simple cases. A company could enrich the mobile CRM with geo-localized information or enrich the records with information taken from social feeds(Linkedin o Twitter).
  • Flexible development models Apps
  • use tools for native, web or hybrid apps with HTML5, cross-platform. The choice for native or web depends on when "rich" must be the user experience and connectivity needs.
  • Have an Internet of Things strategy
  • applications that collect information from different sources, complex or simple like a humidity sensor, require a drastic change in networking and the ability to manage large amounts of data in real-time. Redesign processes with multiple iteration models, including machines to machines (M2M) and machines to humans.



  • Define adaptive processes
  • Big Data and analytical tools allow to define processes that "react" in real-time. Business leaders and Data Scientists must work together to experiment and define contextual data-services, for a roadmap to release new services, which also exploit the data provided by the mobile.
  • Portable services
  • create an authentication infrastructure that allows access from every device and location, to create new device-aware, location-aware and network-aware business processes.
  • Become a smartly connected company
  • today the apps work on information silos, but the next ones will work on data from internal systems and external sources, then choosing which ones are fundamental to improve existing processes. APIs will be used by IT to link data to apps and information from external partners to enable cross-company functionality.

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