Altevie SAP Practices

Market Sectors

Smart businesses successfully establish themselves in the context of the market sectors in which they compete.

Altevie Technologies offers solutions that can promote better management of your company through business processes based on best practices and smart technologies developed ad hoc for each type of business sector.

Business Intelligence SAP Analytics Cloud Big Data

BIABusiness Intelligence & SAP Analytics Cloud

Structured and non-structured data are the primary asset of a company.

Without them, and without an effective management strategy, every organizational effort produces ambiguous results. Altevie, through Business Intelligence & SAP Analytics Cloud solutions, helps to organize and analyze the information that each company produces.

The process that leads to the development of an Advanced Analytics solution runs along a path by phases, which from the identification of the results to be obtained leads to the operation of the solution within a real business context.

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Human Capital Management

HCMHuman Capital Management

People are the true resources of the company.

Altevie through HCM solutions helps to organize and interpret the strategies that each company would like to achieve.

Today, to support companies and improve selection processes, Altevie Technologies, SAP certified partner, has implemented the Altevie Smart Recruiting solution...

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Customer Engagement and Commerce

DCEDigital Customer Experience

Building a good perception of the company and maintaining it over time is priceless.

The best way to know and satisfy customers through a culture focused on their service focused on direct interaction with the consumer.

Altevie's DCE Solutions help to organize and interpret the strategies that every company should implement to get to know and better support its customers.

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Supplier Relationship Management

SRMSupplier Relationship Management

Manage everything from the origin to the solution on a single integrated platform.

Increase visibility and control of purchases with operational flexibility, repeatable savings and compliant processes using SAP Ariba and Ariba Network Procurement solutions, now you can safely extend your procurement and procurement processes beyond the four walls of your organization and, obviously, everything in the Cloud.

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SAP Applications & Mobility

APPSAP Applications & Mobility

All the advantages of a "Responsive" vision.

Predictive mobile applications will analyze user usage patterns and reconfigure themselves to make actions easier and results quicker.

The "mobile-enabled" business processes will use data from previous transactions to make them available in the present context, activating the necessary information and services, automatically.

"Mobility" does not mean only devices and applications, but a new business model.

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Altevie Innovation Solution

AISAltevie Innovation Solution

Improve business results with the optimal mix of smart technologies.

Give life to the intelligent company by combining SAP Leonardo's Design Thinking services with tools and services from the SAP Cloud Platform such as analysis, machine learning and the Internet of Things.

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SAP Enterprise Content Management

ECMEnterprise Content Management

Integrate document management

An integrated system, which allows you to eliminate the difference between SAP users, who can access certain files and folders, and others, excluded a priori. A real collaboration therefore, at different levels and among heterogeneous users. In this way, and with the right authorizations, it will no longer be important where a content has been stored (whether inside or outside SAP) because it can be accessed by anyone, even on the move.
IT infrastructures will become more streamlined and organizations will be able to adopt better document compliance management, such as fiscal ones.

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SAP Infrastructure

SYSSAP Infrastructure

Information System Maintenance

Through our Help Desk, monitoring and h24x7 services we raise companies and technological infrastructures from everyday technical problems.
This allows companies flexibility in IT support, cost control and focus on the core business.

"The different Landscape SAPs of your company, pure or hybrid, need a solid and safe foundation: Enhance your business with EXPERIENCE and COMPETENCE that only #SAPBasis Altevie can give you"

SAP Basis Altevie Expertize has a team of more than 30 SAP BASIS consultants and offers continuous H24 monitoring, alerting and problem solving services!

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We support our customers in the process of adopting IT architectures that allow flexible and adaptable management of information flows, using the most qualified SAP suites:

SAP Cloud Platform, SAP Business Intelligence and SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP Ariba, SAP Leonardo, SAP SuccessFactors and SAP C / 4HANA.