ABOUT Altevie

The world is becoming an intelligent digital network that connects people, objects, and services.

Altevie Technologies was founded in 1998 and is controlled by Ethica Consulting S.p.a., a group of consulting companies which achieved revenues of 12.5 million euros in 2020.

Altevie designs and implements solutions on the SAP platform, with the aim of guiding customers towards Digital Transformation, simplifying the integration between company, business, processes and people. It also promotes innovation through new models of use of technologies and services.

Our mission

Leading the adoption of the Networked Economy, making integration between companies, businesses, processes and people simple and effective. Continue to dominate innovation, adopting new models of use of technologies and services. The focus of Altevie Technologies is to design and implement solutions on the SAP platform, focusing on new technologies and Practices. Deep skills and direct experience guarantee total coverage of customer needs: even the most complex.

The tools of the trade

Altevie Technologies is SAP Platinum Partner, recognized with excellent roles as:

  • Sell Partner, for the ability to distribute SAP solutions on complete and turnkey platforms;
  • Service Partner, able to provide customers with strategic business consulting for the design, development, implementation and integration of SAP solutions;
  • Build Partner, for the design, development and support skills on applications, software and integrated solutions, thus being able to offer 360° coverage on SAP technologies, products and services.

SAP GoldPartner grad R

Through its 5 operational offices in Italy - Milan, Rome, Bologna, Padua and Treviso - it is able to manage projects and clients throughout the Italian and international territory.

SAP Support Center

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Years of experience and references on SAP
Million euros annual revenue in 2020
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